Friday, June 10, 2011

These Interwebs Ain't All That Big

This olelongrooffan has mentioned a couple different times that I do some posting over at Curbside Classic as well as in the Hooniverse.

Well, this evening over at CC, I commented on a comment by Mr. Tactful on the post about the Buick Century coupe.  He is from my hometown of Springfield, Missouri and I mentioned that in my comment.  He replied that he had inferred that from some of my posts and that he is facebook friends with the Bus.  I thought that was pretty wild and thought maybe you would too.

And just so this short post will have an image, how about one that shows what will be here sooner than we would like?

And this summer when out playing mini golf or selling F1 owner's manuals or feeding the chickens or mowing the back forty or taking care of the kids or saving lives at Costco or working on old CJ's or attending Formula 1 races, remember to

Celebrate Life.

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collectorcarads said...

That picture is from Lake Shore Drive in Chicago after the blizzard of 1967. Same thing happened this year when a blizzard hit and hundreds of cars with stranded on LSD.