Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Blame thejeepjunkie For This

This olelongrooffan has previously shared with those of you Counting Along With Me about my acquiring a few Tonka Corvettes the day my Comanche decided it had driven enough.

Well, since those Vettes, on ebay, brought in more than four times what this olelongrooffan paid for them, thejeepjunkie thought I might be on a roll and gave me a set of air suspension bags for a Ford E-350 van to ebay for some cash for shop supplies.

He acquired these when one of his customers, who races car in the feeder series for ALMS, wanted to upgrade the hauling capacity of his box E350.  Alas, these were not big enough for him and he had thejeepjunkie order yet another larger set.  thejeepjunkie was the kind recepient of these and they are being listed this evening, although the images of it were taken a couple days ago.

Why the delay in listing these, probably $150 bags I can hear you Counters out there asking?

Sometimes this olelongrooffan thinks I could live on this road.  I captured this image on my Road Trip for Mom someplace between the Birthplace of Speed and the Queen City of the Ozarks a couple years ago.  I captured this image as a couple days previous this olelongrooffan had cut the sh*t out of my forehead on an overhead door on my, then, storage unit.

Well Counters, Monday evening as this olelongrooffan was carrying that box of bags back into the Taj Mahal, the screen door at the front door caught some wind and

caught me right on the forehead, just above my left eyebrow.  It hurt like h*ll on Monday and Tuesday morning I woke up to this face in the mirror!  The swollen knot where the door hit me is almost gone but it is still tender.  I wonder how long this olelongrooffan is going to look like I received the business end of Mohammad Ali's right hook?

And why does this olelongrooffan blame thejeepjunkie?  Well, if he had shown up for Happy Hour on Monday, he could have held that door open while I carried his box of bags back into the Taj Mahal.

But ya know what?  Having a fruitful day in the flea market and on ebay, having a box of bags to ebay, and still having those Japanese tin cars to ebay sure helps this olelongrooffan to

Celebrate Life.

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